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Shore Investment Group was established as an innovative project adapted to the needs of the new real estate market.

The group was finally consolidated under the leadership of Gustavo Soloeta Luzuriaga and Maria Dolores Soloeta Luzuriaga , who gathered a team of excellence.

The Office of Shore Investments Group is located on the heart of Puerto Banús, an area where the CEO of this project has developed commercial activities since 1983 through Handicap del Puerto SL, current administrator of the real estate group.

Shore Investment Group Team speaks Spanish, German, English, French, Italian and Russian, and feature:

Gustavo Soloeta Luzuriaga, General Director

María Dolores  Soloeta Luzuriaga,  Partner – Public relations

María Rosa Cordone, Partner- Director

Geraldine Soloeta Luzuriaga,  Marketing Director

Daniela Paramatti, Architect

Felicitas Spinetto, Assistant sales director

Svetlana Shakmaeva, Director Assistant

Shore Investment Group appreciates the patience of having remained at this site and especially to those who have chosen us to represent them, in that noble and confident gestation.

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